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Ragavarshini is a school of music dedicated to teaching sthothrams set to classical tunes.

All the sthothrams are set to tune and sung by Smt. Saradha Venkataraman who has been conducting music classes for the past fifteen years. This site is dedicated to her father and her first guru Bhagavadhasri [late] Shri. V.V.S.MANIAN.

On this site you can listen and download Shri Aadhi Sankara's sthothrams such as Subramanya Bujangam, Soundarya Lahari, Sivananda Lahari, Thripura Sundari Veda Pada sthothram and more. The great composition in praise of Goddess 
Kamakshi by Mooka Kavi is set to tune.

Shri Vedanta Desikar's sthothrams such as Hayagreeva sthothram, Sri Stuthi, Boo Sthuthi, Godha Sthuthi are also available. You can also hear some selected verses from the famous tamil collections  Thiru arutpa,and  Divya prabandam . Many other famous sthothrams like Syamala dandakam, Lakshmi Narayana Hrudhayam , Bhadareesa Suprabhatham can be heard.

The famous composition of Shri Ramanujar, Gadya Thrayam set to tune is available.
Also, Srinivasa Gadyam and Lakshmi Gadyam set to tune can be heard.

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